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A gathering of my portfolio

The Wrong Biennale: MEGALITH

Title: Phaxtremophile

Media: Silk Stockings, stuffing, thread, red acrylic paint, plastic suction

Description: The soft sculpture has a plastic suction on the back so that it can be attached to the side of a glass terrarium. It is an imaginary extremophile. It is called a Phaxtremophile because of its phallic appearance. At the end of the exhibition the extremophile sculpture will reach extinction

The curator is exhibiting work in a terrarium as well as creating a naive shrine. Exhibition in Sweden and online presence.

Watch this space for links to the online exhibition.


Falling Wall Mail Art Exhibition

Title: Escape
Title: No Escape

Falling Walls Mail Art exhibition will open in Stroud at John Street Gallery Nov 1st -16th (Private view on Nov 1st 6pm)

In December Falling Walls will travel to Cheltenham at Nau arts Gallery Dec 4th -10th (Private view on Dec 4th 6:30-8;30pm)

After Cheltenham the exhibition will move to Spike Island in Bristol. Dates to be confirmed.

The exhibition is at the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Long drawing_!





I mistakenly registered for the wrong art degree. It is my fault for not reading the fine print.  In the first year all the art streams were the same – traditional art making – so I did not yet realize my error.  I thought “multimedia” meant any media or material.  It turns out I had to work in video editing and animation, digital art.  I longed for traditional media – pencil, paint, sculpture.  Getting my hands dirty with art materials.  To hold a pencil, feel the pressure of the graphite on the paper.  To begin the first mark on textured paper – instead I began with a white screen.  This longing for traditional media kept me from falling into the digital rabbit hole.  I continued with paint, drawing, sculpture and scanned or used them in the required format for the degree.  Steadfastly hand drawing a simple animation of my sewing machine.   I completed the “wrong” degree.  I could not replace the pencils for the mouse.  I could not replace a printed book for a tablet.

Pencil art detail 2Pencil art detailPencil art

Over Soldier Boulder Holder

The inspiration for the bra is the playfulness of using toys as a material versus the serious nature of images of soldiers, which symbolize war and violence.

I have wanted to do something with toy soldiers for a long time. Therefore, I did not have to think twice when making the bra but went straight for the toy soldiers.  When one is in the process of making other, ideas and themes attach to the work.  One of these was how organic looking the finished bra looked, like underwater coral.  Another was the interesting shadows created by the soldiers under lights when photographing.

5 Toy Soldier details_Sharleene Oliviertoy soldier 2toy soldier front


Down, down, down

1_Sharleene Olivier_Down Down Down2_Sharleene_Olivier_Detail from Down Down DownDOWN, DOWN, DOWN


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Search: Alice in Wonderland

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Lost in the rabbit hole.





Sharleene is an artist and writer based in South Africa, working in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, textiles, film and collage. She says it’s important to her to always release a piece of herself into the work. She tends to collect many treasured objects for art-making; these may be discarded things, remnants, so it becomes a personal choice of what can be used, what is worth keeping. She says that these choices may inadvertently tell a story of the artist over and above the finished artwork.

For ‘Doorways’, Sharleene work references Alice in Wonderland and particularly the references with the novel to doorways and portals. Her piece ‘Down, down, down’ uses the text of Carroll’s novel as the starting point, working with repeated strips of text to represent the rabbit hole.


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